Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre has a vital role in the total teaching and learning programs of the school. It supports the development of skills in Information Literacy across the curriculum: to question, seek, critically evaluate, synthesise and present information. A range of resources - print and electronic mediums are available for learners. Information and Communication Technology is integrated into all learning areas. Opportunities are provided for students to work individually, in groups or as a whole class. The teacher librarian manages the Discovery Centre with the assistance of an SSO and parent/student helpers. Classes are timetabled for borrowing and research-based learning for one hour per week.

The Discovery Centre aims to:

  • Encourage a passion and purpose for learning by supporting the TTG Learning Plan.
  • Provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment that is multifunctional and a focal point for community learning.
  • Assist staff and students in "Inquiry - based learning" and to collaboratively plan, implement, assess and present information.
  • Promote literature and authors reflecting a variety of cultures and themes and to display a range of genres in both print and digital formats.
  • Guide all students in their reading and research choices that can support reading and learning programs in classes.
  • Select resources to support the information needs of the school community.
  • Support other special programs such as: "Book Cup" for Yrs 6 in Term 1 and in Term 2 students are quizzed about the literature read, "Book Week" in Term 3 is a whole school celebration of a theme with a "Bookfair" to promote students' access to literature and "Book Club" to encourage students' love of reading. Students also participate in the annual Premier's Reading challenge throughout the year.


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