Enrolments and bookings

To enrol your child at TTG OSHC, families and carers will need to complete an electronic enrolment and authorisation form. This can be done by using the direct link



When accessing the FullyBooked portal for the first time, all new families will be prompted to “create an account”. Parent 1 will be the parent who is connected to the child in Centerlink. Bookings are unable to be made until all compulsory questions, which are marked with an asterisk (*), have been answered. Please ensure that both parent and emergency contact information are completed, along with the child’s information, and the direct debit transaction with Ezidebit. Required information that has been missed will flag on your dashboard. Don’t forget to verify your email address on enrolment!




When booking, please use the link provided for our FullyBooked system, this web link can be accessed on your computer, tablet or smart phone. It is recommended by the service, for convenient access, that you add this link as a bookmark to your home screen so it appears as an app.

Once the set up process has been completed, a calendar will then appear, indicating bookings can now be made. You will need to click the down arrow that says ‘Please select a care type’ to select the booking type you require, e.g. Before School Care, After School Care, Vacation Care, Pupil Free day, after which, you need to select the specific child the booking is in reference to. If you have more than one child, this process will need to be completed for each individual child, as due to the system, bookings are made separately.

OSHC staff will no longer make any bookings or delete any bookings for your child. YOU are 100% in charge of your account! We do ask however if you make a booking within 30 minutes of the end of the school day you call the school so they can notify your child.



To ensure the safety of children and to fulfil the duty of care we have to your children, the following procedures will be strictly adhered to (these are legal requirements we must uphold):

  • All children need to be enrolled and booked in via our FullyBooked system before we can accept them.
  • All children will need to be signed in and signed out by an authorised person.
  • Children can only be collected by the parent, guardian or emergency contact unless otherwise notified by parent/guardian.
  • A staff member must be notified of a child’s departure. No child will be permitted to leave the OSHC boundaries until this procedure is completed.


We are required by Law to have health support plans and medication authorities that are signed by a medical practitioner for all health related matters. Families are asked to update these at least every 12 months or when circumstances change. Parents are also required to sign a Medical Management and Communication plan BEFORE the child is able to start at the centre.

If your child requires medication to be administered, a Medication Authority form completed by a doctor, must be provided. The medication must be clearly labelled in original packaging with a pharmacy label outlining the child’s name, required dosage, time, date and storage requirements. The centre must be given the individual child’s medication BEFORE the child can start at the centre.



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