About our school

Tea Tree Gully Primary School is located 20km from the Adelaide CBD in a picturesque hillside setting. The school holds a unique place in the history of South Australian public education having been one of the first schools established in South Australia back in 1870.

At Tea Tree Gully Primary School we provide a success orientated environment catering for the needs of all learners. We focus strongly on ‘Powerful Learners’ and ‘Growth Mindsets’ to underpin a well-developed ethos of continual improvement. Our values of Excellence, Respect, Responsibility and Collaboration positively influence student behaviour and their interactions with each other.

Principal's Welcome

As a small school Tea Tree Gully PS provides an intimate setting where care and concern for the wellbeing of all students is a priority. Our students all interact together and have a strong sense of belonging and connection. They mix with children from all year levels and learn to relate to people of all ages. Friendships can be made that are based on interests and maturity rather than being limited to their chronological age peers. Students build strong relationships with staff and there is a shared concern for all students learning and well-being.

We have developed strong links and positive relationships with parents and the community. We liaise closely with Kathleen Mellor Kindergarten and Banksia Park International High School.

In addition to high quality classroom teaching we offer specialist learning areas in Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), Physical Education and Auslan. Extra-curricular activities include Nature Play, Adelaide Festival Choir, and our annual Science and Art Fairs.

All students are assigned a personal laptop or ipad for their exclusive use. Students can access their personal device for various learning experiences across the curriculum as required.

Our nature play area offers a rich and diverse experience that encourages children by providing unstructured play, whilst promoting physical activity and creative thinking and problem solving.

Physical Education is further encouraged and developed through opportunities for students in years 4-6 to participate in SAPSASA events. This provides additional off-site experiences in a variety of sports; including team sports, athletics, swimming and tennis. Soccer, cricket and Australian Rules Football are always popular choices for both boys and girls. If successful in the district competitions, students are often invited to participate in state championships.

Our school priorities are focused on Literacy, Numeracy and Student Wellbeing and are supported by our active Governing Council. We encourage strong and authentic Student Voice and actively involve students in the life of the classroom and the school. Students participate in the decision making process through class, team and whole school meetings, and are represented at Governing Council meetings where they share their ideas, thoughts, opinions and suggestions with the wider school community.

Feel free to contact us for further information and we would be happy to give you a tour of the school at your convenience.

Di Scott

Our Values

As a school community we have identified the following core values on which we base our behaviour and actions:


At Tea Tree Gully Primary School our teaching reflects the following learning principles.

  1. Students learn effectively when they are highly motivated, focused and enjoying their participation in relevant and meaningful tasks.
  2. Students learn successfully in a supportive, accepting and caring social environment.
  3. By encouraging student input, influence and responsibility in the learning process, they develop a greater sense of connectedness, active involvement, and personal investment in learning.
  4. Learning has an individual dimension and our educational program must take into account differing learning styles and abilities.
  5. Learning is enhanced when all individuals and groups that make up our school community recognise and support our school values of respect, collaboration, responsibility and excellence.
  6. Learning is enhanced when students receive constructive and informed feedback regarding their progress and assessment is used to inform teaching practice.

Our school strives to provide a success oriented, safe, caring and orderly environment in which all staff, parents and students are responsible for their own behaviour and supporting the rights of others.

By focusing on our school values and learning beliefs we aim to empower our students so that they can all become successful learners.

"Tea Tree Gully Primary is a lovely school with a strong sense of community. The students are encouraged to show kindness and care to each other across all year levels, which has created a very welcoming and supportive school environment. I am also impressed by how well all members of staff know my children and always take the time to consider their individual needs and abilities."

Amanda Davey

Parent of Department School Student