Tea Tree Gully Primary has a beautiful, natural bushland setting with an abundance of natural shade from our majestic, mature gum trees, which are often frequented by koalas. We a have brick paved areas made from memory pavers from past students, teachers, leaders and families in honour of our 150th birthday in 2020. We have several large grassed areas and are currently creating a new playing field where students can play and enjoy various team sports.

We have numerous recreational areas scattered throughout our outdoor area which includes 2 large playgrounds, a cookie swing and 2 sets of ordinary swings. Cricket nets, basketball court and local tennis courts and a full size oval complement these facilities.

A nature play garden, complete with a water pump and mud kitchen, provide additional opportunities for students of all ages. We also promote and provide loose parts play days, where children can interact with and create a plethora of structures from natural resources.


Our classrooms are of solid brick construction, comprising 3 main open space teaching units as well as 3 additional enclosed classrooms. All are air-conditioned, centrally heated and have wet areas for art and craft sessions.

We have a large classroom space on the upper level and this is used for specialist HASS (History and Social Sciences) lessons and as required by teachers for drama and art. We also have a specialist music, dance and drama room which is transformed to a popular dance school after hours.

Our Discovery Centre comprises a modern library, Multi Media area, STEM (Science, technology, Engineering and Maths) room and a large multi-purpose room. This space is also used for Before and After school care and Vacation Care.

Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre has a vital role in the total teaching and learning programs of the school. It supports the development of skills in Information Literacy across the curriculum: to question, seek, critically evaluate, synthesise and present information.

A range of print and electronic resources are available for learners. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is integrated into all learning areas. Opportunities are provided for students to work individually, in groups or as a whole class.

The teacher librarian manages the Discovery Centre with the assistance of an SSO and parent/student helpers. Classes are timetabled for borrowing and research-based learning for one hour per week.

The Discovery Centre aims to:

  • encourage a passion and purpose for learning by supporting the TTG Learning Plan
  • provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment that is multifunctional and a focal point for community learning
  • assist staff and students in ‘Inquiry – based learning’ and to collaboratively plan, implement, assess and present information
  • promote literature and authors reflecting a variety of cultures and themes and to display a range of genres in both print and digital formats
  • guide all students in their reading and research choices that can support reading and learning programs in classes
  • select resources to support the information needs of the school community
  • support other special programs such as the:
    • Book Cup for year 6 students in term 1 and in term 2 – students are quizzed about the literature read
    • Book Week in term 3 – a whole-school celebration of a theme with a ‘Bookfair’ to promote students’ access to literature and ‘Book Club’ to encourage students’ love of reading
    • Premier’s Reading challenge – all students can participate throughout the year.


Our Canteen is open every day for snacks at lunch time. We encourage healthy eating in our school curriculum and comply with the Healthy Eating Guidelines, offering a range of healthy food in our canteen. Snacks for sale include ice blocks, crackers, fruit, chips and popcorn.

The school Canteen is run by student and parent volunteers, and we are always extremely grateful for assistance given by parents and accepting new volunteer inquiries.

The Canteen and school fundraising committee support school initiatives and themes by providing special lunches throughout each term. We sometimes provide baked potato lunches, hot cross buns and pancakes for fundraising and organise lunches on other occasions like sports day and school excursions.

On Wednesday and Friday students can order Subway through our QKR! app. Orders need to be placed before 9.00am on the day.