Specialist programs

Find out about the specialist programs our school offers.


We offer a strong program in the Arts, including music, dance, drama and media. The program helps develop students’ creativity, confidence, cultural knowledge and critical thinking.  

Our art program includes: 

  • lunch time art club working on student’s own projects 
  • school choir, with participation in the Festival Choir 
  • participation in the Primary School Music Festival 
  • instrumental music lessons with either the violin, trumpet or recorder 
  • regular assembly dance performances.


Students can develop team play and team building skills through our specialist sports program. The program is run by a specialist teacher and volunteer parent coaches.

Our sports program includes: 

  • SAPSASA events 
  • Physical Education classes
  • Sports day and swimming carnival 
  • Swimming and aquatics lessons



What is Auslan?

Auslan is Australian Sign Language, the native language of the Australian Deaf community, and is a visual-spatial, natural language with its own grammar and vocabulary.

Auslan has linguistic elements, such as hand shapes (including orientation, location and movement), non-manual features (including eye gaze, facial expressions, arm, head and body postures) and fingerspelling. Auslan also has its own grammar, which is different from English. Auslan grammar is composed of precise hand shapes, facial expressions and body movements that convey concrete and abstract information.

Benefits of learning Auslan

Incorporating Auslan into the school program has many benefits for both Deaf and hearing children.

Sign language can:

  • enhance children’s educational and personal development
  • increase memory retention and motion processing
  • stimulate brain development and mental flexibility
  • increase enjoyment in communicating for both hearing and deaf children
  • assist students who have difficulty verbalising, especially when emotional
  • assist students in the Bilbies class to express their wants and needs, and communicate with their peers.

Auslan at Tea Tree Gully Primary School

This is our first year offering Auslan as a Language other Than English. The students and staff have embraced it very positively and have started using Auslan in their daily routines, and in the yard.

The Auslan Program is being taught by Jo Holland, a qualified teacher who is Hard of Hearing and has been teaching Auslan in schools in SA for 9 years.

Choir and music

We provide specialised weekly music classes tailored for students from Reception to Year 4. Additionally, all Year 5 and 6 students participate in our Festival Choir program.

Under the guidance of our highly skilled instructor, Bec, who possesses exceptional talent and extensive musical knowledge, students receive comprehensive instruction in rhythm, beat, percussion, singing and vocal development, recording, and performance techniques. These classes offer students a rich musical education, fostering their appreciation for music and providing them with valuable skills.

Students at our school have numerous opportunities to showcase their talents through performances. These include events such as the Festival of Choir, regular school assemblies, and special performances through the year.

During the festive period, students spread cheer by performing carols at various local venues, including the Tea Tree Gully Public House and Garden, as well as at the local Vet and Bakery. These performances not only allow students to demonstrate their musical abilities but also foster a sense of community engagement and holiday spirit within the local area.