Student Voice

At our school, we’re proud to offer a range of leadership opportunities tailored for Year 5 and 6 students. These roles aren’t just titles, they’re year-long commitments designed to empower our students and foster a sense of responsibility and community engagement.

Interested students can apply for various positions, from Team Captains facilitating regular meetings to gather whole-school input on initiatives, to Sports Captains crafting team chants and leading their peers on Sports Day while also managing class sports equipment.

Canteen assistants play a vital role in ensuring smooth operations during lunchtimes, while the fundraising student committee brainstorms innovative ideas to support school initiatives.

And let’s not forget about the Choir captains, who not only lead with musical flair but also instil leadership qualities within the choir ensemble. These roles not only enrich the school experience but also cultivate essential skills that will benefit our students beyond the classroom.

Hear what our students have to say

“My name is Griffin, and I am proudly a school captain for Highercombe. Teams for me is an opportunity for collaboration and to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Teamwork and equality are things that encourage me as a captain. It’s an important job because you can represent your school and your team.

I like to think that the way Tea Tree Gully Primary nominates their leaders is fair and productive as they select people who work hard and play an important role in TTGPS’s journey. Student voice to me means that students get a say and are included in the choices of the school.

We have fundraising committees, team captains, canteen leaders and so much more. This year we created a learn and thrive wall where each student contributed a sentence about their learning journey.”

– Griffin

“My name is Milly and I am the school captain for the red team, Highercombe. I am a team captain because I want to show people that you are more than what you believe and that you can do whatever makes you happy at this school.

The people in this school give students the opportunity to have a say and to take on different roles. We have great leadership roles for students and we would love for more people to join us.

The opportunities at Tea Tre Gully are plentiful and the staff prioritise students learning and student voice.”

– Milly