Governing council

The Governing Council gives advice to the Principal and specifically makes decisions to do with: school policies; finance; fundraising; grounds and buildings; hire of facilities; sports; uniforms and dress codes; OSHC; and the general safety and educational welfare of the students.

For a Governing Council and Vacation Care to be effective it needs to have access to the range of views held by groups of parents in a school community. Diversity is considered when raising issues and making decisions. That is why our Council’s membership needs to reflect the range of needs and aspirations held by parents in our school.

At each meeting, the principal and staff make reports and always raise and respond to topics about the educational program provided at the school. The council members who hold responsibility for various roles (eg. OSHC; Canteen) share their ideas and make proposals.

Governing council meetings are held twice a term in weeks 3 and 8.


The Finance, Education, Grounds and Fundraising sub-committees all have representatives on Council. There is also the opportunity for members to ask questions about the school and to report the attitudes of the community.


  • Suggest and plan school improvements
  • Taking care of the grounds. (e.g. Fencing, Play equipment, Sprinkler system, Soft landings, Rubbish bins, Landscaping
  • General maintenance
  • Budget for expenses


  • Meets at least once per term
  • Oversees the consolidated School fund
  • Helps frame the yearly budget
  • Advises the Principal
  • Makes financial decisions
  • Assists with the Financial planning and management of the school


  • Meet regularly
  • Share and exchange ideas for fundraising and social events, (e.g. discos, casual days, Easter raffle, Quiz nights, Sports Day raffle, Athons and catering)


  • Meets twice a term
  • Raises issues and gives advice to Governing Council regarding OSHC before and after care and vacation care

Join our governing council

Previous Governing Council members have reported that they enjoy being on Council because:

  • You get to have your say.
  • You hear what other people think.
  • You become well informed about what is happening.
  • You get to know other parents.
  • You get to understand how the school works.
  • You learn how things “fit together” at school.

The current council is especially keen for parents who have previously not been involved in council, parents from various cultural groups, and or parents who have younger children in the school, to think about joining council for the first time.


Get in touch with our governing council

If you are interested and would like more information about the role and responsibilities of the Governing Council please see the chairperson, any Council member, your child’s teacher, the Deputy or Principal. We will be more than happy to explain the important part you play as a council member in your child’s life and the life of the school. Please also encourage each other to join.

Visit the governing councils section on the department’s website for more information.