Tea Tree Gully Primary school has a long and proud history. The first school on our site was known as Steventon Primary which was opened in 1870. The original stone building, together with the additional 1930’s brick classroom and former principal’s residence are still standing on the southern side of our property fronting Dowding Terrace. For about 90 years the original school served the small country community.

Tea Tree Gully Primary School Growth

The school grew as the area became part of the Adelaide suburbs. Transportable classrooms were brought in to cope with the enrolments that came with housing development. In 1963, prior to the opening of Banksia Park Primary, the numbers peaked. Enrolments declined with the building of Banksia and later St. Agnes Primary Schools.

The present school – the first new open space school built – was opened in 1973. The school is proud of its environment and the children are encouraged to care for the school grounds which provide a natural parklands setting for students to play. There is a strong emphasis on the environment and conservation with the school’s close proximity to Anstey’s Hill and Angove Conservation Parks and our involvement in watercare and tree propagation projects.

The school had 4 House teams which were named in 1964 after local residents. This was later reduced to three teams in 2004.


House captains are elected each year to lead their teams.

**The featured photo highlights a special day in Tea Tree Gully Primary School history when famous author Colin Thiele came for a visit. Students were able to show their favourite Thiele works to the author. 22 April 1987