Disability Unit – BILBIES

Welcome to the Bilbies, a sanctuary where every child’s unique abilities and potential are embraced! We cultivate a supportive atmosphere where all students can flourish and grow.

Our journey commenced in Term 1 of 2024 with the deliberate establishment of the Tea Tree Gully Disability Unit, catering specifically to junior primary students with identified disabilities. We currently have 7 students enrolled and have the capacity for 8 students. We are in the process of upgrading our facilities and meanwhile have created a safe and supportive environment to set our Bilbies up for success. We’re enhancing our infrastructure to craft exceptional learning environments tailored to the unique learning styles and requirements of our students including a toilet block, advanced sensory room and gated outdoors play area.

At our essence, we prioritise communication and deliver comprehensive experiences in Literacy, Numeracy, and Wellbeing. Our devoted and enthusiastic staff collaborate closely with families to develop personalised and positive programs tailored to each child’s distinct needs and interests, ensuring they achieve their educational objectives.

With students firmly at the heart of our mission, our devoted staff members are dedicated to supporting their learning in ways that lay the groundwork for ongoing educational development. We are unwavering in our efforts to nurture their growth into safe, respectful, and responsible citizens, ensuring they are equipped to navigate the world with confidence and integrity.

Our goal for our Bilbies is to equip them with life skills to assist them in and out of the school setting. Our dedicated team comprises 2 special education teachers and 3 SSOs (School Services Officers), with additional support staff available as required. Students benefit from access to both indoor and outdoor play areas equipped with a diverse range of amenities, including swings, trampolines, spinners, crash mats, and sensory retreats.

Enrolment for all students is facilitated through a Special Options process administered by the Department for Education, with eligibility determined via a panel evaluation. Please note that enrolment cannot be directly conducted through the school.

Being embedded within Tea Tree Gully Primary’s mainstream site enables us to foster and sustain strong connections with our peers. This is achieved through active participation in assemblies, Sports Days, Book Week events, and collaborative activities with buddy classes.

We firmly believe in the importance of effective and functional communication for our students, both in the present and as they progress into the future. To cater to the diverse needs of all our students, we provide a range of communication methods, including:

  • Traditional reading, writing and spelling
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
  • Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD)
  • Sign Language (AUSLAN )
  • Proloquo2Go (iPad)

By offering these varied communication methods, we ensure that each student can effectively communicate and engage with their educators, peers and surroundings, fostering independence and enhancing their overall learning experience.