The school colours are bottle green and yellow combined with black. All tops should be either yellow or bottle green while trousers or shorts are black.

In addition the following items are acceptable:

  • Netball skirts for summer uniform - black or bottle green
  • Bike shorts - black
  • Gingham dress - green and white
  • Legionnaire or slouch hat (Terms 1 and 4)

Many of the above items are available new or second-hand at the school. Please enquire at the School office.

Suitability of clothing for school

For safety and suitability in school activities the following are not acceptable school clothing:

  • Court or heeled shoes
  • Tank tops
  • Board shorts or very short shorts
  • Long dangly earrings
  • Thongs
  • Any item prominently featuring a company logo
  • Baseball caps

The school has a fitness programme in which all children participate. This programme involves running, climbing, dancing and exercising. All children should be suitably attired in comfortable, practical clothing and footwear.

We recommend trousers and shorts to be made from stretch material, sandshoes and layered clothing so that jumpers can be removed.


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